Welcome to Vincent Ventura

Your event

No matter if it is a company event, birthday or wedding. With a broadly diversified music repertoire from the 70s, 80s, 90s, House & current of today nothing stands in the way of a party. Also for the background music of diner, coffee/cake and events the suitable music is available. Please feel free to contact me.

With a personal conversation and detailed preparation you can be sure that your event will run musically according to your wishes. Separate music titles, moderation and also equipment will be set up in such a way that this corresponds to your wishes. The timing of your event is also part of the discussion and serves as a basis for the complete planning of your event.

Lighting equipment will be made available after consultation with us and should underline the atmosphere of your event. I work together with local rental companies to arrange your event according to your requirements so that you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Visitor Identification

If you are interested in equipping your visitors with name badges, there is the possibility of printing name badges. For this purpose I use a card printer, which prints a name badge quickly and easily. Optionally for the attachment at the lanyard or optionally for a name badge holder. Without any problems I need your list of participants before the start of the event and would print the name badges.

Visitor Registration

Would you like to identify your visitors at reception? Then you are welcome to use the identification possibilities of barcodes. Each visitor receives an individual barcode before the event begins, which must be printed out or available on the smartphone. When your visitor then appears at reception, you can greet him or her directly in person (optionally via LCD screens) and also print out the appropriate name badge directly.

Visitor Counting

With the help of intelligent camera technology it is possible to count your visitors. So you can count your visitors via an anonymous image recording, divide them into male / female and also carry out an additional age recording. The information is anonymous and the recordings are not stored. In the further area it is then also possible to record the mood of your visitors. I recommend this at the exit, so that you have the possibility to find out what the visitors think of your event directly in the evening or after the end of the event.


With the help of feedback buttons you can directly receive feedback from your visitors. Thanks to a simple smilie selection of Good, Medium, Bad you can view the feedback directly online. Depending on the positioning of the smilie buttons, the feedback can also be used for sub-areas of the event: function rooms, catering areas, sanitary facilities, etc.

The Equipment

As equipment I use record players together with software. Additional music can also be played on CD after arrangement.

On request, an existing PA can be used or, depending on the size of the sound surface, a personal consultation will be held to evaluate which sound system is suitable for you.

For voice friendly moderation there is the possibility to use microphones to address a larger audience professionally. Of course also available as wireless microphone.